• 5th Grade Yearbook Uploading Instructions
    Please upload all photos to bit.ly/foxmeadow2020
    To Upload from your iphone directly
    1. Download and install the Google Drive app
    2. Using Safari, visit bit.ly/foxmeadow2020, it will redirect you to google drive and prompt you to open the google drive app
    3. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Drive app
    4. Tap Add plus
    5. Tap Upload
    6. Find and tap the files you want to upload
    7. To upload photos or videos, tap the photos and videos you want and tap Upload
    8. You'll see a status bar at the bottom of your screen
    To upload from your computer
    1. On your computer, go to bit.ly/foxmeadow2020
    2. To upload files open the containing folder using finder or file explorer
    3. Drag files into the Google Drive folder
    To upload from iPhoto on Mac
    1. While iPhoto is open, open the folder you created and choose all the photos in the folder by hitting "ctrl + A" (Command A for mac), now all of the photos should be selected (have a blue ring around them)
    2. While they are selected, choose from the upper menu "File --> Export --> Export xxx Photos" (xxx is the number of photos you have)
      Image 2
    3. Next screen make sure you choose JPEG Quality as "Maximum" and Size as "Full Size", then hit Export
    4. Now you get the option of where to save it, chose a place you can easily find like "Desktop" and create a new folder (bottom left button) and give it a name you can easily know, then hit Export
    5. Now that you have them in a regular folder, open Google drive and you should be able to drag and drop

    If you have any questions about the payments, please contact one of the 5th Grade Yearbook Chairs Rokaya Hassaballa or Jennifer Zola.


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