• What The Day in the Life of the Hudson?


    A Day in the Life of the Hudson (or Snapshot Day) is a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Lamont Doherty Environmental Observatory. Teachers and educators along the entire course of the Hudson are trained in measuring a set of parameters that will be used to monitor the status of the Hudson River Estuary. This year on October 20th, groups of students will gather at locations along the Hudson’s banks in order to follow the procedures outlined by the DEC and LDEO. This year we gathering data at George's Island in Montrose, NY. After the information has been gathered, it will be submitted to the snapshot day website to be compiled and reported.



    Why are we participating?

    Day in the Life fits in beautifully with much of the third grade curriculum and will be an introduction to many important science concepts and skills. The children will be introduced to a controlled experiment and will be responsible for carrying out experiments with very tight controls. They will be taught to use several instruments for taking a variety of measurements, including thermometers,hydrometers, secchi disks, pH testing kits, and testing kits for measuring dissolved oxygen. 



     And then what?

       After gathering the data we will submit it to the DEC where it will be compiled and published on the organization’s website. Day in the Life of the Hudson will be our first introduction to Citizen Science and students will see how their work supports the research of a group of professional scientists. Through the website we will have the opportunity to analyze both the information we gather during the day at our site, and the information gathered along the course of the river. At a social level we will be able to see how our work in school can make a positive contribution to a greater goal. 


    To view the Snapshot Day website click on the link below:

    Day in the Life of the Hudson