• Butler 8 Science, Mr. Anderson

    2018-2019 Class Syllabus

    Welcome to Butler 8 Science.  This class will provide you with a variety of experiences in physical science, chemistry, Earth science and sustainability to develop the creative and critical thinking skills necessary in today's world. The program encourages your interaction and cooperation to solve problems, gain the scientific knowledge necessary to interpret natural phenomena, and use the technology available to you.  Acquiring information and developing concepts through focused reading and listening are important aspects of this course, as is communicating information clearly through writing and speaking.

    In your final year at Scarsdale Middle School, there are high expectations for all of us to help prepare you for future learning at the high school and beyond. My responsibility is to provide you with an engaging curriculum and to help you grow as a learner.  Your responsibility is to become self-reliant and take an active role in your learning. Remember, your name is attached to everything you do in school, so hold yourself to the highest standard, and take pride in your work.

    Class Goals

    • To provide a laboratory environment that utilizes hands-on investigation of scientific concepts
    • To help build the foundation for becoming a life-long learner of science
    • To make science relevant to students’ lives
    • To promote an understanding of the future of science in a sustainable world

    Classroom Policies and Procedures

    • Students are expected to arrive prepared and on time for class each day(this includes all materials they will need for that day)
    • Students are expected to be kind, considerate and respectful of others
    • Students are expected to follow laboratory safety rules at all timessafety procedures are strictly enforced
    • Students are expected to follow the regulations for acceptable use of the internet and district network as outlined in the SMS Student Handbook
    • Assignments are due on the day indicated …late assignments will be penalized or not accepted


    • Students are responsible for seeing the instructor outside of class time to make up work that is missed due to absence
    • Handouts from previous days are kept in the “extra handouts” file at the back of the room…all assignments and handouts are posted on Schoology as well
    • Missed tests/quizzes will be made up the next day the student is in attendance…except where absence has resulted in missed content


    Earth Science (Holt Science and Technology)

    Discovery Education Techbook (electronic textbook)

    Textbooks will be distributed at the beginning of the school year and should be taken home.  There are class copies of the textbook available for in-school use.

    Students will be provided with unique login information for the electronic textbook, and should keep that information in their planner, or other easily accessible location.


    Quarterly science grades will be based on the following:

    • Unit Tests (approximately two per quarter)
    • Quizzes (approximately every other week)
    • Labs (formal and informal investigations)
    • Classwork
    • Homework (practice and preparation)
    • Participation

    Required Student Supplies

    • 1  inch binder with five sections: Reference, Notes and HO (handouts), Labs and CW (class work), HW TBD (homework to be done),  and Sponge (miscellaneous)
    • Loose-leaf* (may be kept in the Notes/Sponge sections)
    • Pen* AND Pencil*
    • Graph Paper** (may be kept in the Notes/Sponge section)
    • Colored Pencils**
    • Ruler**
    • Simple, four function calculator**
    • Hair ties for longer hair** (lab safety precaution)
    • Earbuds or headphones**

    **These items should be in your locker or otherwise readily accessible

    *Bring these items to class EVERY DAY

    How to Contact Mr. Anderson

    STUDENTS: Email (randerson@scarsdaleschools.org) is welcome, but remember to keep it formal and polite.  

    PARENTS: Email (randerson@scarsdaleschools.org) or phone (914) 721-2620 (please leave a message with the Butler Office and I will return your call). Please feel free to access the calendar on Schoology for updates on assignments and assessments.

    Extra Help

    Extra help is typically available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school. Please check the “Extra Help” board on Mondays for available extra help sessions during the upcoming week, in case there is a change.  Extra help is available by appointment at other times, such as before school, lunch, and after school on Friday.


    The primary and most important source for class communication and materials is your teacher and the classroom.  In addition, all assignments, handouts, presentations, notes sheets, quiz and test dates, and announcements will be posted to Schoology.  This is particularly useful if you are absent, or if you forget something at school. It also provides me with a great way to share supplementary material.