Step 1:  Join the PTA


    You cannot participate in the ASC program (or in any other great PTA sponsored program!!) without first joining the PTA. 


    Step 2:  Check the Registration Dates for the current session


    You can only register for clubs during the designated Registration Period.  We do our absolute best to make sure you know what those dates are.  If you’re disorganized and you send a sad email asking us to please let your child register after the deadline…well…we probably will take pity on your sweet kid, but he/she won’t be eligible for any lotteries or oversubscribed clubs (more on that later).  


    Step 3:  Talk to your child about which clubs he/she is interested in


    Take some time to go over the schedue with each child you plan to register, and take into account how many activities are appropriate for your child.  We do not offer refunds if your child opts out of a club (see: Policies/FAQ) so it’s best to make the decision together to avoid having cranky, unhappy kids putting a damper on everyone’s after school fun.


    Step 4:  Complete First Choice Registration!


    The First Choice Registration Period is your opportunity to register your child for all of his/her first choice clubs.  Using our registration link, you will be able to select clubs, add them to your shopping cart, and check out using PayPal.  Before you check out, please review your cart and make sure the information is correct and take note of which email address you provide during the registration process.  This is the email we will be using to communicate with you, not only for registration, but also to pass along information during the club session.


    Step 5:  Await the Dreaded Lottery…


    We do not offer placement in clubs on a first come, first served basis.  For any club that is oversubscribed, we run a lottery for the available spots (see Policies/FAQ for more information).  Once the lottery has been run, you will be contacted about a second choice club in the event that your child is not offered a spot in the club.  At this point, you will also be offered the option of a refund.  


    Step 6:  Confirm the Club Rosters


    You will receive a final roster for any clubs that you are successfully registered for by the Friday before the session begins.   It is very important that you make sure you have received a roster for clubs before assuming that your child will be staying after school once the clubs start!  If you think your child is registered and haven’t gotten a roster, or if you’ve gotten a roster and it’s not the right club, please make sure you email us at SASC.FM@gmail.com to make sure there wasn’t a mistake! 


    Step 7:  Share the registration information!


    Our chaperones and volunteers know where every club meets, and are thrilled to help everyone find their way to the appropriate place, but we need you to do your part and tell us which club we are looking for.  Please make sure that you, your child and any caregiver helping out with pick up know which club your child is going to be in!


    Step 8:  Get familiar with the ASC Policies


    The PTA runs the ASC program independently from the school, and therefore we take on a certain degree of liability for your kids while they are in our care.  To keep everyone safe and compliant with district guidelines, please read through the policies and FAQs so that you don’t put us in the uncomfortable position of having to kick your sweet, precious child out of the program!


    Step 9:  Let us know how it goes!


    The one thing we could always use more is feedback.  We can’t be in every club, monitoring every session, so we count on parents to share their feedback in order to run the best possible version of the program.  We are always happy to hear anything you would like to share about specific clubs, and do our best to address as many issues as are in our control.  Please email us at SASC.FM@gmail.com with any feedback, good or bad!