• ¡Bienvenido a la clase de español!

    Classroom Expectations 

    1.  Have fun and enjoy learning Spanish!
    2.  Listen to and follow directions quickly!
    3.  Raise your hand for permission to speak and for permission to leave your seat!
    4.  Make smart choices!
    5.  Always respect your teacher and your fellow classmates!



     Expect to Learn All of These While in My Classroom

    1.  Spanish-listening, reading, writing and speaking skills
    2.   Life-Long Skills: responsibility, organization, and study skills




    You are in complete control of your homework average!  There are four steps to completing your homework:

    1. Take it home.
    2. Complete it to the best of your ability, using your class notes, a friend or family member, seeing me after school for help when needed.
    3. Bring it back to class.
    4. Correct your answers and study the correct responses.

    Every night there will be a written homework assignment.  The homework must be completed entirely by the BEGINNING of class.  Everyday in class I will check that you completed the assignment and you will receive a grade from 10 to 0 (10=100% completed 0=Not completed). There are no late assignment grades, unless absent.  Nightly assignments are posted on my School Wires page.  When absent, you can check there for the assignments that you missed.  There will also be periodic homework quizzes.  I will randomly collect homework assignments to grade.

    At the end of the chapter, you will get a homework grade for the chapter, which is an average of all of the assignments during that chapter.  If you get a 100% for the chapter for your homework average, you will receive a homework pass to use during the next chapter! A homework pass gives you 10 points to put towards an incomplete homework assignment.  You can accumulate homework passes and use them anytime that you need them.



    Topics for the Year

    1. Review of 7th Grade
    2. En Camino Textbook (4 Chapters):
      • Clothes, Shopping, Holiday Celebrations, Taking a trip
    3. En Español 2 Textbook (3 Chapters):
      • Leisure time, taking vacations, going on the airplane
      • Commenting on food & art
      • Rescues & Robberies



    The Grading Scale is:

    A+                      97 and up

    A                               93-96

    A-                               90-92

    B+                             87-89

    B                               83-86

    B-                               80-82

    C+                             77-79

    C                                73-76

    C-                               70-72

    D                               65-69

    F                           Below 65










    Grades are calculated based on: tests, quizzes, class participation, homework, oral facility and projects.

    The final end-of-the-year letter grade is calculated based on the following:  20% for each Quarter Grade and 20% for the final exam grade.  This grade will be included on your high school transcripts. 




    1. Binder-1 inch for SPANISH CLASS ONLY! (Kept at home mostly.)
    2. Folder (Bring every day!)
    3. Marble Notebook (Bring every day!)
    4. Pencil Case (Bring every day!)
    5. A smile! Telling me you are ready to learn SPANISH!



    Extra Help

    I am available Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2:30-3:15 in T105.  I encourage EVERYBODY to come in as often as you would like! Please let me know if you will be coming, so that I can prepare for the extra help session.  I will post my extra help times/days on the Calendar on my School Wires page.