• David Sherrin

    World History II, Race and Ethnicity, City 2.0

    Office: 2N3

    Classrooms: 362 and 281

    Telephone: X5780




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    World History II: World History II is a thematic course that begins with the 18th French Revolution and concludes with 21st century globalization. The course seeks to employ a truly global lens while connecting historical events with current events.  One goal of our work will be to see the past through multiple perspectives and to include voices that were often ignored in traditional studies of world history. We will examine various aspects of history including politics, economics, literature, art, and historiography to help students develop an understanding of our increasingly complex and interconnected world. Throughout the year we will emphasize historical thinking skills as we work with primary and secondary sources to construct a personal understanding of the past. Many problems of the past are still relevant today. By studying the past, students will begin to understand the challenges of the future.


    City 2.0: City 2.0 is a public policy class for seniors in urban issues and complex problem solving.  It aims to enable students to observe and empathize, research, define, and solve urban problems and to grapple with the complex urban-suburban relationship that forms the modern metropolis. Westchester and New York City coexist in a complex ecosystem that we will attempt to understand. Citizenship in a democracy requires thoughtful participation and a mindset geared toward creatively and collaboratively addressing issues of the day.


    Race and Ethnicity:  Race and Ethnicity is a social studies elective meant to help us explore one of the central themes in American and world history. This course is not meant to give you the “answers” about race but rather to spark a life-long journey to understand our place in a diverse and often unjust world. We will delve into many of the great thinkers about race through key texts, films, and songs.