• Classroom Preparation:

    Be ready, responsible and resilient.

    You should show up to class every day with your social studies binder, a writing utensil and any materials needed for that day (ie. ear buds, colored pencils).

    Your binder should be divided into 3 sections, labeled as follows: 

           1.  Do Now, Classwork and Notes- include looseleaf paper here

           2.  Homework- packets, worksheets, articles

           3.  Graded Work- anything returned to you should be kept in your binder

    We will begin each class with a DO NOW.  Please get started as soon as you can. 

    *You should routinely clean out your binder at the end of each unit and keep all materials at home in a folder. 


    Homework is an extension of what we learn in class and what we will be learning.

    • You should expect to have homework Monday- Thursday night.
    • Homework is necessary to be able to participate in classroom activities and discussions.You should expect to have homework Monday- Thursday night.
    • Daily homework will be posted in the classroom and should be written down in a planner. It will also be posted on google classroom.
    • Homework will either be handed in during class or turned in on the google classroom site. Please make sure to see read directions to receive full credit. 
    • You will start off each marking period with 50 Homework Points. These assignments will be graded for effort and completion. Each time you miss an assignment, you will sign the homework Log and loose 2 points.
    • Some homework assignments will be graded and worth more than 2 points.
    • If you miss a homework assignment, be sure to check the site for posted homework and turn it in the next day in class. If you are absent for more than a day please come talk to me to create a plan for missed work. 

     Quizzes, Tests, Projects and Writing:

    • The best time to study is every night.  The more you understand the material each night the less you will feel overwhelmed. 
    • Quizzes are typically shorter and contain less material than tests.
    • Tests are given at the end of a unit and students will be provided with a study guide to help in preparation.  
    • Projects range in size for small to large and vary in format, but will always focus on crucuial ideas of a unit.
    • Many projects will have an oral compnent since communicating well is an essential skill for success. 
    • Writing will be assessed both formally and informally throughout the year.


    Your grade in social studies is based on the following:

     Homework Log Grade (50 points per marking period, loss of 2 point for every missing assignment)

     Graded homework assignments (can be between 5-20 points each)

     Test and Quizzes    

     Projects (Individual and Group) 

     Written Assignments


    When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what went on in your absence. Your first step is to look on google classroom and then try to reach out to your classmates.  You are responsible for the work you missed and will need to make it up as soon as possible.  Typically one day absent means work should come in the next day.  If you are absent for more than one day you will have more time to complete the work,  If you are confused about missing work after checking google classroom and talking to your classmates then email me or come see me when you return about your concerns.  

    Extra Help:

    I am always here to clarify content and answer any questions!  I will be available for extra help Tuesday and Thursday mornings by appointment and Wednesday and Thursday afterschool. During my coaching seasons fall and spring, my afterschool sessions will be held during lunch or I will open more morning slots.  You can also always email me with any questions or concerns at mrothman@scarsdaleschools.org.