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    Give the Gift of Education

    The Scarsdale High School PTA Scholarship Fund for College provides grants to SHS seniors who wish to attend college but need assistance to pay for their first year.

    Our students work hard to meet the challenging academic and extracurricular programs at Scarsdale High School. Seniors are thrilled when they are accepted to the colleges of their choice. Yet for some, that excitement is tempered by the reality of financing their education. Resources may be strained by the ever-increasing costs of tuition, loss of employment, divorce, serious illness, or death of a family member. For those who have exhausted all financial possibilities, a grant from the Scholarship Fund may mean the difference between attending college and not attending.

    The SHS PTA Scholarship Fund depends on your generous support. 100% of the money raised goes directly towards assisting with first year tuition payments. The more the Fund raises, the more it is able to ensure that students in need of financial assistance, who have worked so hard for college acceptances, have the opportunity and the means to attend.

    Please help us ensure that the door to higher education remains open for all Scarsdale High School seniors by making a contribution to the Scholarship Fund. We expect student need to be significant again this year; please know that your gift, whether large or small, will have a very real impact.

    To make your tax-deductible donation, please use the PayPal button below, or send a check, payable to SHS PTA Scholarship Fund for College, to SHS PTA Scholarship Fund for College, P.O. Box 147H, Scarsdale, NY 10583.

    Thank you in advance for your support of the Scholarship Fund’s important work and your commitment to the young people of our community.

    With deepest appreciation,
    SHS PTA Scholarship Fund Chair Dana Matsushita and SHS PTA President Leanne Freda
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