After School Clubs Basic and FAQ's

    What are After School Clubs? 
    The clubs are after school fun for Edgewood students in subjects such as arts and crafts, sports, dance, music, science, cooking, and computers. The goal of the Edgewood After School Clubs is to provide convenient and reasonably priced after school instruction for our children. The clubs are sponsored by the Edgewood PTA. Your family must be a member of the Edgewood PTA to enroll in a club.

    When do the clubs meet?
    Each club meets one day a week. Clubs hours are either 3:10pm to 4:10pm or 7:50am-8:20am. Depending on the club day, the clubs will run for either 10, 11, or 12 weeks. 

    Is my child eligible to register for After School Clubs?
    Yes!  When you pay your annual PTA Dues, the clubs are open to all Edgewood students from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

    How do I register my child?
    Registration is only open and active during enrollment periods only.

    If I register before anyone else is my child guaranteed a spot?
    The short answer is no. While we do encourage early enrollment, if a club exceeds capacity as designated by the instructor, it will go to lottery. All students who registered for the club will be chosen at random until all the allowed openings have been filled.  Students who did not receive a spot will be notified by the ASC Committee Members.  The only exception to the rule applies to children who were on the "short end" of a lottery the previous ASC term and did not get a spot in the club for which they registered.  These children will be given priority placement. 

    How do I know if my child got into the clubs we wanted?
    Unless you hear from ASC committee members, your child has been placed into the club they registered for. If you hear nothing, it is safe to assume your child has been place as they were registered.
    However, please be sure that you received an emailed receipt confirming that you paid for each of the clubs you want.   Payments are made thru PayPal this year.  Please note that PayPal only gives receipts to PayPal account holders.  If you check out as a guest please email the ASC team for a receipt at after you completed your transaction.  
    Who can I speak to if I have more questions?
    Please contact the ASC Team! They are ready to help as needed!
    If needed, is there financial assistance available?
    The Edgewood PTA would like to ensure that all children have the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful extras offered to our children. For more information, please refer to the following links:
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    for the online Edgewood Directory
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