• Dear Ninth-Graders,

    Here is how to set up your English Portfolio.

    1. First, make sure you are signed in to your Scarsdale google account. Then come back to this page.

    2. To access the template for your portfolio, click this link.

    3. Under “File,” select “Make a copy.”  

    4. Rename your new document “[Lastname]Portfolio.”

    5. Now you can start adding samples of your writing to your new portfolio!

    6. Choose two persuasive/analytical writing pieces to add to your portfolio. One should be from early in the year and the other from later in the year.  

    7. For each of these two pieces, complete the short reflection piece.

    8. Optional: if you wish, you may include a third creative/personal piece and reflection.

    9. Share your portfolio with your current English teacher.

    10. All done!