• PTC/PTA-Produced Student Directories

    Each one of the seven PTAs, under the umbrella of PT Council, produces a building-based student directory. The directories are intended to facilitate communications among parents, students, faculty, and staff of each of the Scarsdale Schools. Student directories are not available for use by or for distribution to the general public. Use of the directories for unauthorized purposes, including but not limited to commercial, political, petition, or charitable solicitations, is strictly forbidden. For example, contact information obtained via the student directory may not be used to promote/advertise a business, commercial enterprise, or service, may not be used to call for political action, petition solicitation or to promote a campaign, and may not be used to encourage donations to or participation in any other non-profit or charitable organization or endeavor. Unauthorized reprinting or re-distribution of some or all parts of any student directory is also prohibited. PTC and the PTAs reserve the right to revoke access to student directories in the event of unauthorized use. Please respect the privacy of our families by not sharing the listings with anyone. PT Council and the PTAs make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information included in the directories. For additional information, please follow this link to the PTC/PTA Student Directory Standing Rule.

    Welcome to Scarsdale!

    Please create or log into a Membership Toolkit account at the links below to ensure that your family's information will be included in the PTC/PTA-generated student directories. Join the PTA at the schools your children attend when membership drives open in August to access the mobile directory for those schools. Additional email addresses may be added to your account to ensure that additional members of your household receive the PTA announcements (you may unsubscribe at any time).

    Please note that each PTA-maintained school-specific directory is SEPARATE. You will need to re-enter your household information at the Membership Toolkit “Register/Login” button on EACH school’s PTA home page. Enter the same email address for your Membership Toolkit username and password when setting up your accounts so you can toggle between the directories in which you appear.

    Edgewood PTA
    Fox Meadow PTA
    Greenacres PTA
    Heathcote PTA
    Quaker Ridge PTA
    Scarsdale Middle School PTA
    Scarsdale High School PTA

    If you have any questions about the student directories, please contact PT Council and/or the directory chair at your school(s):

    Scarsdale PT Council President 
    Scarsdale PT Council Directory/Membership Chair
    Scarsdale High School PTA Directory/Membership Chair
    Scarsdale Middle School PTA Directory/Membership Chair
    Edgewood PTA Directory/Membership Chair
    Fox Meadow PTA Directory/Membership Chair
    Greenacres PTA Directory/Membership Chair
    Heathcote PTA Directory/Membership Chair
    Quaker Ridge PTA Directory/Membership Chair

    To remove your family's name and contact information from the PTC/PTA Student Directory at each school where your children are enrolled, please follow the link and complete the PTC/PTA Student Directory Opt Out Form (2023-24)  no later than Wednesday, August 30, 2023.