Note:  Check this site daily for updates.  To the extent that I can, I’ll post materials from what we do in class each day. However, not everything can be posted, most notably chapters from the book we will use, A Dream of Freedom by Diane McWhorter. You are responsible for completing the readings from the book if you’re absent, so you will need to see me to figure out when you can come in to make up the work. 

    May 31                                                          Malcolm X

    In class:  Finish Malcolm X (see May 26 assignment)

    HW:  Civil Rights Legislation  (textbook p. 889-890)

             1. What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ban?

             2. What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ban? 


    May 30:                                                  Children's March 
     Video:  Mighty Times: The Children's March
    May 26                                                 Rejecting King's Methods
    In class: Finish yesterday's work if you haven't.  Then move on to chapters about rejection of King's Methods
    • Malcolm X (required for everyone)
    If you finish that, choose one from the following list to do:
    • Watts
    • Black Power
    • The Black Panthers 
    HW:  Children's March Backgrounder due Tuesday, May 30
    May 25    (short periods, breakfast & Deans' visit)                                 Applying King's Methods
    In class: Finish reading Sit-ins and choose one from the following list:
    • The Freedom Rides
    • Mississippi Freedom Summer
    • Selma 
    May 24    (short periods, sci test)                                                    Applying King's Methods
    In class: Finish reading Sit-ins

    May 23                                                             Applying King’s Methods

    In class: Sit-ins (from Eyes on the Prize video) + reading & questions 

    May 22                                                          Little Rock 
    In class:  Little Rock (McWhorter p. 49-53 + questions in student packet)                       Due 5/24 
    HW:  King's Methods: Civil Disobedience & Nonviolence (read & answer Qs)                Due 5/23
             + back side Guide to Non-Violence from CORE  (highlight do's & don'ts)
             King's Methods and CORE Guide  in case you forgot to take handout in class
    May 18                                                          Brown v. Board of Education 
    In class:   Brown v. Board of Ed (McWhorter p. 29-35 + questions in student packet)     Due 5/22 
    HW:    Upfront on Putin's Russia handed out with accompanying materials.                      Due 5/24
    May 17                      How the Cold War Influenced the Civil Rights Movement           
    HW: Handout w/questions.  Due 5/18