All student-athletes are expected to ride to and from away contests with their teammates on school
    authorized transportation. Under certain circumstances or exceptional situations where it creates an
    inconvenience to the family, a student-athlete may be excused from riding school authorized
    transportation. In such cases, the request should be made in writing to the Athletic Office and in
    advance of the away contest. In other cases when advanced notice is not possible, the Head Coach
    may agree to accept the written request on site, only to release a student athlete to his or her own parent. 
    Please read and sign the attached form:  
    Download PDF: Waiver


    Track and Field 

    SECTION A: Parents requesting to provide transportation for their own child to or from an away meet.

    Student-Athlete’s Name ________________________ Sport _______________________

                                                 (please print)                                     (please print)
    I, _____________________________, will provide transportation [​    to    /    from   ]​ my child’s away

             (Parent/Guardian – please print)                                                       (Circle)

    interscholastic athletic meet on ________________versus ____________________. 
                                                                   (Date)                                    (Location)
    Parent/Guardian Signature:
    Today's Date:  

    ___ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ______ ____ ____  

    SECTION B: Parents requesting to have a designated parent provide transportation for their child from an away meet.

    Student-Athlete’s Name ​__________________________ ​Sport _______________________

                                                       (please print)                                        (please print)

    I, ​_____________________________​, designate ​_________________________________

       (Parent/Guardian – please print)                          (Designated Parent – please print)

    to provide transportation [​    to   /   from   ]​ my child’s away interscholastic athletic meet on ___________

                                              (Circle)                                                                                                 (Date)

    versus ​_______________________________.


    Parent/Guardian Signature:

    Today’s Date: