• Second Trimester Activities
    Fundamental Movement Skills
    K-5                Walking 
                           Hopping on one foot
                           Jumping - two feet take off, two feet landing 
    Non-locomotor Skills
    K-2:   twisting, bending, turning, balancing, stretching
    3-5:   Health related physical fitness
                   Cardiovascular endurance
                   Muscle strength and endurance
                   Flexibility - Dynamic and static stretches
    Manipulative Skills
    K:  Throwing & catching
          Rolling / Bowling 
          Volleying / Striking / Balloons
    First & Second Grades: 
          Ball dribbling, passing and shooting
          Throwing and catching
          Bowling / Rolling
          Volleying / Striking
    3 - 5:
          Basketball dribbling, passing and shooting
          Bowling / Rolling
    Low Organizational Games 
    K:   Casper Needs a Home
          Stuck in the Mud (Shapes)
          Germ tag
          Snowman Tag 
          Cupid Tag
          Leprechan Tag
          Stuck in the Mud Shapes
          Chinese Temple Tag
          Germ Tag
          Snowman Tag
          Cupid Tag 
          Banana Tag
          Leprechan Tag
          Secret Agent Tag