• Tri-State Consortium Consultancy

    Essential Question

    We are strongly committed to Wellness. To what extent is our commitment to support and sustain a strong culture of student wellness reflected in our:

    • K-12 Approach

    • Strategies to help students manage academic expectations

    • Efforts to Inform parents, community, and the Board of Education

    The District-wide Leadership Team reaffirmed that any iteration of a Scarsdale Education for Tomorrow 2.0 would prominently feature wellness and education of the whole child.  Among others, these elements complement our continuing dedication to offering a classic education that is taught in a progressive fashion.

    Scarsdale students, parents, and faculty recognize that a high and intensive level of academics is associated with a Scarsdale education. For some students, this intensity is motivating and fosters superior work and performance. For others, a Scarsdale education causes unhealthy stress levels, based on a research study conducted by Challenge Success, Stanford University, in November, 2015 with Scarsdale students.

    At each instructional level initiatives have begun to investigate these guiding questions, with the focus differentiated by level.