Working in groups, you will design an illustrated travel journal about a three day trip to Madrid.
    Everything must be written in Spanish!
    Use google docs to design, edit, revise, and create your project. Please, create a single google document, name it (Madrid, Your House, Your Names) and share it with me today.
      1) A Cover Page (Portada)
    Include a title and the names of your group members. Also, include an image or several images/pictures that capture the "spirit" of Madrid.
       2) An Introduction (Introducción)
    Discuss who is traveling, where you will stay, why you want to stay there, and the season that you have chosen for your trip. Also, refer to Ch. 12 and mention a few things that you plan to bring in your suitcase. Include a few pictures that illustrate what you are talking about. Don't spend too much time on the hotel. Mention where it is and if it is near anything that you plan to see.
       3) Your description of three days in Madrid. (Lugares de Interés)
    Imagine that you are writing about your trip during the evening of the second day. You should describe what you've done so far and what you plan to do tomorrow. 
    Include pictures for each activity that you write about. You should collaborate to write and edit the entire document together. 
          Day 1 - Anteayer
          Day 2 - Ayer
          Day 3 - Mañana 
    a) Each day, discuss 5 activities and 3 meals. (5 pictures per day - 15 pictures total) 
    b) Please, start each day on a separate page.
    c) Write three paragraphs for each day. Please, limit each day to no more than 25 sentences. Refer to the writing sample to get a sense of the length and level of detail that I am looking for. 
       4) References (Obras Citadas)
    We will spend time in the library conducting research and reviewing how to cite your sources. You may use the citation guide for EASY BIB.
    Critical Thinking:
    A) What kind of language should you use for this project? (Simple Future, Present Tense, Present Progressive, Preterite, etc...) Remember, you are discussing what you did and what you plan to do in Madrid.
    B) Each day you will describe 5 activities and 3 meals. Does it make sense to see two things that take a lot of time in a single morning or should you plan something quick right before or after something that will take a long time? Should you look at a map and think about where your sites of interest are? How will you get from point A to point B? Should you eat near or far from an activity? Are you sure that your planned activity will be open when you decide to go? In other words, think through how you will make your plan realistic!
    C) Any time that you revise your work and make it better you are thinking critically! Remember, that the editing and revising process is very important. Leave yourselves enough time to edit and revise your work on google docs.
    If you include everything discussed above, the layout is up to you. Remember to include pictures for your activities as you create your document. I want to see what you are writing about! Think about something you might produce for an art or technology class! If you can think of additional ways to make your project more creative, go for it!
    Sample Outline:
    You should write an outline for each day and it should guide your research and writing.
       ie. Day 1 - Anteayer Outline
    Breakfast (When? / Where? / What?)
       Activity 1 - la Plaza Mayor (details / picture)
       Activity 2 - la Puerta del Sol (details / picture)
    Lunch (When? / Where? / What?)
       Activity 3 - el Palacio Real (details / picture)
       Activity 4 - la Plaza de Oriente (details / picture)
    Dinner (When? / Where? / What?)
       Activity 5 - la Opera / una Zarzuela (details / picture)
    * You must visit the Prado Museum. It counts as two activities. Describe some of the art that you plan to see. Please, double the details and the pictures. For the other places that you plan to visit, choose a mix of excursions that interest you and that are culturally or historically important.
    * El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallen are the only places that you can visit that are not in Madrid. Often, tourists visiting Madrid will take a long morning or afternoon excursion to see these places.

    Writing Samples:  


       Ayer, desayuné a las nueve de la mañana en el Café Diamante. Está cerca de la parada del metro de La Latina. Comí chocolate con churros. Después del desayuno fui a la Plaza Mayor. Allí vi la estatua de Felipe III. Tuve ganas de pasear, de sacar fotos, de ver edificios interesantes y de comprarle un regalo a mi hermano. También vi la Puerta del Sol, que queda al lado de la Plaza Mayor. En la Puerta del Sol, vila estatua del "oso y el madroño." Es el símbolo de Madrid y el lugar que  marca el "kilómetro cero." Hay muchas tiendas en esa zona.  

       A las dos de la tarde, almorcé. Comí en las Cavas de San Miguel. Comí ensalada, sopa, paella, y flan. Tomé una Fanta de limón. Después del almuerzo, anduvé tranquilamente hasta el Palacio Real. Tiene 2,800 habitaciones. Tuve ganas de ver la Real Armería. Luego descansé en la Plaza de Oriente.  

       A las diez, cené en un restaurante al aire libre que se llama Don Juan. Comí tapas. Después de cenar, fui a una Zarzuela. El teatro de la Opera nos pareció antiguo y bonito. ¡Fue muy interesante!


    Simple future... 
       Mañana, pienso desayunar a las nueve en el Café Diamante. Está cerca de la parada del metro de La Latina. Quiero comer chocolate con churros. Después del desayuno pienso ir a la Plaza Mayor. Allí quiero ver la estatua de Felipe III. Tengo ganas de pasear, de sacar fotos, de ver edificios interesantes y de comprarle un regalo a mi hermano. También quiero ver la Puerta del Sol, que queda al lado de la Plaza Mayor. En la Puerta del Sol, voy a ver la estatua del "oso y el madroño." Es el símbolo de Madrid y el lugar que marca el "kilómetro cero." Hay muchas tiendas en esa zona. 
       A las dos de la tarde, voy a almorzar. Pienso comer en las Cavas de San Miguel. Voy a comer ensalada, sopa, paella, y flan. Me gustaría tomar una Fanta de limón. Después del almuerzo, voy a pasear tranquilamente hasta el Palacio Real. Tiene 2,800 habitaciones. Tengo ganas de ver la Real Armería. Luego voy a descansar en la Plaza de Oriente.
       A las diez, voy a cenar en un restaurante al aire libre que se llama Don Juan. Quiero comer tapas. Después de cenar, voy a ver una Zarzuela. El teatro de la Opera queda muy cerca. ¡Va a ser muy interesante!


    ** 25 Sentences Max, for each day!!!**

    You'll need to write 18 - 23 sentences (per day) to do a good job.
    *****Critical Thinking: You are traveling with friends. Should you use the "yo" form, the "él, ella, usted" form, or the "nosotros" form? Does it always have to be the same? Can we change the writing sample to be more realistic?



    When your planning is complete, this trip should have the potential to become reality. Hopefully, one day you will get a chance to test out your plan! You will each have to talk about your trip, in class, when the project is due.