• 7th Grade Hand Eye Review Sheet

    Team Handball, Angleball, Genball & Net Ball
    Target throwing/catching and bouncing/catching activities
    The Scarsdale Middle School Hand Eye unit focuses on the following skills:

    Making short, quick & accurate passes to teammates or partners

    Using both hands successfully when receiving the ball from a teammate

    Dribbling and controlling the designated ball with either hand & no double dribbling
    Jumping and throwing using one hand, as well as stepping with the opposite foot

    Throwing with enough force to make it to a goal or target accurately

    The following rules and terminology describe the hand eye unit participation rules:

    holding the ball for less than 3 seconds;

    taking 3 or less dribbles
    taking 3 or less steps when traveling with the ball 
    No physical contact such as body checking, hitting, kicking or stripping the ball from opponents 

    After taking a shot on goal in team handball a player can land in the designated crease, but not get any loose ball.  All players must control their body so as not to crash into or foul an opponent.  

    Players may outlet to your sideline team to move the ball down the court, but the sideline team cannon shoot or score.  

    The court players should not go over the sideline to retrieve a ball as there are other players who can inbound a ball to them.  
    Mrs. Berger's class allows defenders to enter their crease after a shot is taken, but does not allow multiple goalies in the crease at one time.  

    Scarsdale Middle School Physical Education Teachers value:

    Active and enthusiastic student participation, adherence to safety rules and positive sportsmanship.

    Works cooperatively with other team members.