• Scarsdale Support Program

    The Scarsdale Support Program provides support and structure for students who are struggling to access the general education curriculum due to emotional difficulties. Students in the program will attend general education classes while pursuing a Regents diploma. The primary goal of the program is to help our students manage anxiety and depression while providing coping skills and immediate feedback for certain behaviors. The focus is on maintaining a stable, positive environment while helping students to develop their self-advocacy skills.

    The students have access to the full high school curriculum, including AT, Honors, and Skills. Within the program there is support with organization, time management, test taking strategies, homework completion and direct instruction. Testing modifications and accommodations are provided within the SSP classroom as needed. Students can participate in all after school activities, clubs and athletics.

    The therapeutic component includes individual and group counseling. There is a psychologist dedicated to the program. The therapy encompasses an integrated approach including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and traditional talk therapy. In class support is available from SSP staff when necessary. Home visits are also available as needed.

    In addition to the psychologist, there is a special education teacher and an aide dedicated to the Scarsdale Support Program.