• Pre-work:
    Classwork:  Values clarification. Sample statements below:
    1. I see discrimination in our community.
    2. It's difficult to be a police officer.
    3. Immigrants deserve a chance at a new life.
    4. LGBTQ people should have the same rights as everyone else.
    5. I am comfortable with my own body.
    6. I contribute to the atmosphere that allows body shaming and eating disorders to occur.
    7. Our country needs to make fundamental changes. 
    8. Problems have festered in both major political parties.
    9. I make an effort to minimize my own footprint on the earth.
    10. The environment needs to be better protected.Tues
    Warmup: Trust Falls and Walk'n'Fall (already done)
    Classwork: Storytelling (fear, trust) and Tour of a Place. Discussion about topic (decision: online lives)
    Wed 5/3
    Warmup: Environment (Variations: circumstance, character, issues)
    Warmup: Two Revelations (parent/child, ages, where, and who enters first, one secret revealed at a time)
    Thurs 5/4
    Warmup: Two truths and a lie
    Classwork: Complete the Image (as a whole group first, then in pairs). Then process. 
    Still Image using "The Identification" by Roger McGough and "First Ice" by Andrei Voznesenky 
    Fri 5/5
    Warmup: Share news articles.
    Classwork: A Day in the Life for one article. 
    Tues 5/9
    Warmup: The Ripple for one article.
    Classwork: Critical Events for another article. (For larger class, insert another A Day in the Life)
     Wed 5/10
    Warmup: The Ripple for another article.
    Classwork: Monologues for another article. (Again, for larger class, insert another Critical Events)
    Thurs 5/11
    Warmup: Hot Seating
    Classwork: Interviews/Interrogations for 2 people from the articles. 
    Fri 5/12
    Brainstorming and Script development. Continued on Google Docs