• Day 1
    Classwork: Group Mirror Pantomime (groups of 4). Performance time 2-5 minutes. No speaking. 
    1. Children making faces
    2. Practicing boxing, fencing, band conducting
    3.  Exercise class
    4. Morning- getting ready for work or school
    5. Doctor giving a physical
    6. Restaurant counter
    7. Shoe Store
    8. Artist doing self-portraits
    9. At the fun house (1 person and 3 different versions of the image)
    10. Barber and customer
    11. Beautician and customer 
    12. Black Friday
    13. Seamstress fitting a bride
    14. Customer trying on hats, and salesclerk
    15. Rock Stars putting on make-up
    16. Movie Star being made up like a monster
    17. Ballet student and teacher at the barre 
    Day 2
    Warmup: Group Focus Pantomime. Working on everyone looking at the same thing at the same time with different reactions:
    1. spaceship landing
    2. birds
    3. javelin throw 
    4. plane crash
    5. friend getting off airplane
    6. witch flying overhead
    7. tree falling
    8. shark swimming by
    9. charging rhino
    10. relative leaving in car 
    11. scary movie
    12. shooting star
    13. rainbow
    14. hitchhikers watching cars go by
    15. watching for the bus
    16. tennis game
    Classwork: Fantastical Duet Pantomime. Outrageous scenes gone awry.
    1. two gardeners plant a tree; it grows immediately
    2. teller and robber; money is counterfeit
    3. babysitter and baby; pacifier does not come out of baby's mouth
    4. lady and chauffeur; car drives/flies/sails by itself
    5. two lumberjacks try to cut down a tree that's rubbery and bends
    6. pilot and co-pilot; wing falls off airplane
    7. teenager watches TV and a character walks out of the TV
    8. ape and man at zoo; man watches the ape and then enters the cage to exchange suits
    9. two cooks make pizza, throw dough in air and it doesn't come down
    10. two teenagers ride roller coaster; it falls apart
    11. dentist tries to extract a tooth by extreme means like rope and dynamite, but then it falls out by itself
    12. doctor checks patient's reflexes; entire leg flies off and must be reattached
    13. mad scientist brings monster to life; he kills scientist and brings him back as a monster
    14. gunmen robs bank, but teller refuses to give up money, so they shoot but gun won't go off, so they leave embarrassed. 
    Day 3
    Warmup: Be-an-Animal Group Pantomime: elephant, cat, flea, eagle, shark, snake, butterfly, frog, rabbit, chicken, dog, amoeba, tick, camel, caterpillar, dragon, hippopotamus, kangaroo, moose, centipede
    Classwork: Solo Pantomime:
    having a toothache
    breaking into a house
    interacting with a spaceship
    buying some paint
    car breaking down
    coming home late
    playing football 
    flying a helicopter
    grandma crossing the street
    looking for a dog
    stealing a car
    making a pie
    feeding the cat
    going to the doctor
    painting a house
    having dinner
    being kidnapped
    playing baseball
    walking a tightrope
    flying a plane
    fighting with a sword
    finding a lot of money
    watching TV
    going swimming and sunbathing
    ice skating 
    Day 4
    Warmup: Yes, and. Rules. I Accept. Awesome!
    Classwork: Self-contained emotional statements. Play Freeze (first without words, just mime and then add dialogue) 
    Day 5
    Warmup: Create the Space
    Classwork: 1, 2, 3, Line Layups
    Day 6: 
    Warmup: Red/Round/Squishy Ball Pass, Word Association Sequence
    Classwork: Circle of Emotions Duo Scenes
    Day 7:
    Warmup: Magic Clay
    Classwork: This is a... AND... Circle
    Day 8
    Warmup: Please/No
    One-Word-Three-Situations (well, welcome, never, so, I guess, don't, good, thank you, sorry, why, oh no, really, maybe, tell me, please, goodbye, what, who, see)
    Group Improv: 3 character traits in a situation. 1) Play an emotion. 2) Mirror or oppose your partners. 3) Amplify a physicality.
    In pairs... studying for a test, on a treasure hunt, stranded on an island, signing divorce papers, in the delivery room, doing construction
    Day 9
    Warmup: Stretching
    Classwork: Movement to music. First general feelings in response to music, then small groups (4/4/3) with a given scene, then solo improvisations.
    Classwork: Space Jump (Freeze Tag with 4 people, no swapouts) 


    Day 10 

    Classwork: three items scene. students each write down an object on a slip of paper. Each group of 3 must incorporate three unrelated objects and build a 2-3 minute scene.
    One situation. Three attitudes.
    Homework: Bring in a newspaper article.
    Day 11
    Warmup: Share news articles. Choose 4-6 to work on today and tomorrow.
    Classwork: Living Newspaper. Beginning with a frozen tableaux, create an improvised scene around the news article. (2-3 groups)
    Day 12
    Warmup:  Create a word mosaic with words and phrases from the article. 
    Classwork: Living Newspaper. Beginning with a frozen tableaux, create an improvised scene around the news article. (2-3 groups).

    Day 13

    Warmup: Environments.
    Classwork: Backwards Interview (done in pairs and then best pair in front of the class)
    Classwork: Ding. Practice round in pairs and then in front of the class. 
    Day 14
    Warmup: Party Quirks
    Classwork: Typewriter (Narrator plus 2-3 actors with Tilts and Tear-ups) 
    Homework: Journal 4 due Tuesday. Reflect on likes and dislikes about the unit, as well as how you will use Improvisation as a Theatre Practitioner.