• 7th Grade Math

    Grade 7 classes are split into Math 7-1 (one section) and Math 7-2 (three sections). The Math 7-1 course completes the seventh grade curriculum and introduces some eighth grade curriculum. The Math 7-2 course completes the seventh grade and most eighth grade curricula.  Students were recommended to these courses by their sixth grade teacher.



                                         Math 7-1 Curriculum Guide                                                Math 7-2 Curriculum Guide

    Grading Policy for Math 7-1 and Math 7-2:  
    The year-end grade is comprised of 90% from the four marking period scores (22.5% each) with the remaining 10% coming from the final exam score.
    Placement process:
    Students were placed in their seventh grade math course based upon their sixth grade teacher's recommendation.  It is possible for students to change levels, both up and down, during their seventh grade year.  In general, a change from one level of a course to another level of the course should take place no later than one week after the distribution of the second marking period report card. Level changes can be approved only by the House Counselor and Math Department Chair, in consultation with the student, teacher, and parents. Level changes during the third quarter are possible only if the student, parent, House Counselor, teacher and Math Department Chair have conferred prior to the start of the third quarter and have signed off on the extension. The House Counselor shall retain the written, signed agreement in the student’s official file. No level changes are possible in the fourth quarter without the written approval of the Principal.
    If level changes happen, the grading policy is as follows:
    • During marking period 1 – Only coursework completed in the new course will be used to compute the first marking period grade. All four marking periods and the final exam will be used to compute the student’s year-end grade.
    • At the end of marking period 1 – The marking period 1 grade will be eliminated from the year-end calculation. Marking periods 2, 3 & 4 will count 30% each with the final exam counting 10%.
    • Any point during the second marking period - The teacher, House Counselor, and parent should confer and agree on a grading policy. Note - there really should not be movement during or after the second marking period.
    Placements for the eighth grade are made by the seventh grade teacher and shared with parents via Infinite Campus at the end of June. In each House, there is one section of Math 8-1, two sections of Math 8-2 and one section of Math 8-3
    Math 8-1 (Eighth grade NYS curriculum) is for students who have completed the Math 7-1 course, and/or for students who significantly struggled to complete the Math 7-2 course.

    Math 8-2 is the standard progression for students who have successfully completed the Math 7-2 course. This course increases the rigor and challenge of concepts introduced in the Math 7-2 curriculum.

    Math 8-3 is designed for students who have shown outstanding achievement in Math 7-2. They have demonstrated an ability to handle a more theoretical, rigorous, and demanding approach. These students exhibit consistent mastery of all concepts that go above and beyond Math 7-2 expectations. Students will be expected to analyze complicated and complex problems with little review or tutoring assistance.  
    **Math 8-2 and Math 8-3 are both accelerated courses and complete the NYS Common Core Algebra 1 curriculum plus additional topics, and culminate with the Algebra 1 Regents exam in June. Grades for both of these courses are high school grades and will be recorded on the student's high school transcript. The Algebra 1 Regents exam satisfies the student's math requirement for a high school Regents course necessary for high school graduation.
    Seventh grade students who were placed into Math 8-2, but wish to be placed into Math 8-3 may request a placement test provided they have an A- or above average for the year and scored 85% or higher on the final exam. A score of 85% or higher on the placement exam is required to be placed into 8-3. The exam will be given in August by the middle school department chair. Please contact the math teacher to discuss this option. A form requesting the placement exam must be received by July 15.
    **Solid lines indicate a typical path.  Dashed lines indicate possible paths that usually occur with intermediate steps taken.