District-Wide Compact Committee 


    In March 1991, under the direction of Thomas Sobol, the New York State Board of Regents officially adopted A New Compact for Learning: Improving Public Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education Results. As a comprehensive strategy for improving public education, it sets forth a series of principles and mandates a process by which each district in the State will develop a plan for site-based management.


    Historically, Scarsdale has provided a myriad of opportunities for constituent groups to participate in nearly all aspects of decision-making in the schools and the District.  The Compact extends to staff, parents, and the community an increased role in the educational decision-making by focusing on shared goals and practices and resource sharing with a singular goal of healthy, happy, and engaged students. 


    Scarsdale’s Compact Planning Committee endorses the principles set forth in the Compact: 

    • Recognize that all children can learn;

    • Attend to the needs of the whole child;

    • Promote non-sibi in word and deed;

    • Expect local, national, and global citizenship;

    • Be good stewards and caretakers of our schools, community, and planet;

    • Share best ideas and practices with one another;

    • Provide the means and resources to achieve these goals;

    • Encourage the love of lifelong learning.

    The Compact Committee revised the Compact for Learning: District Plan to better align with our ongoing mission. It was re-certified by the Board on September 1, 2020.  



    2020-21 District-Wide Compact Committee

    Administrators/Building Reps

    Thomas Hagerman, Superintendent of Schools

    Edgar McIntosh, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    David Wixted, STA President

    Tashia Brown, Principal, Edgewood

    Melissa Feinberg, Principal, Fox Meadow

    Felix Gil, Principal, Quaker Ridge

    Sharon Hill, Principal, Greenacres

    Maria Stile, Principal, Heathcote School

    Meghan Troy, Principal, Middle School

    Andrea O’Gorman, Assistant Principal, High School

    Honore Adams, Superintendent’s Assistant, District Clerk



    Edgewood, Bevin Pagel, Teacher

    Edgewood, Jeannette Magnani, Teacher

    Edgewood, Janelle Brown, School Psychologist

    Fox Meadow, Dan Brodsky, Teacher

    Fox Meadow, Debra Tannor

    Greenacres, Nick Miller, Teacher

    Heathcote, Jen Turetzky, Psychologist

    Heathcote, Jen Conklin, Teacher

    Heathcote, Vivian Robert, Teacher

    Quaker Ridge, Susan Hendler, Teacher

    Middle School, Sima Cass, Counselor

    High School, Oren Iosepovici, Counselor


    Parent Representatives

    PTC President, Dalya Khan

    High School, Leanne Freda, PTA President

    Middle School, Meredith Kent, PTA President-Elect 

    Edgewood, Jeanette Rosen,  PTA Co-President 

    Edgewood, Stephen Baer, PTA Co-President

    Fox Meadow, Alyse Streicher, PTA President 

    Greenacres,  Jennifer Fischer, PTA President

    Heathcote, Jessica Rosenberg, PTA President

    Quaker Ridge, Meryl Satler, PTA President