• Partnership for Youth

    Shaping Vision 2030 for Community Revitalization and Sustainability

    Four Scarsdale High School students and teacher Kathleen McGreal attended the 2016 P4Y conference at the East-West Center located on the campus of the University of Hawaii. The conference organized by Director of the East West Center-Asia Pacific Program Namji Steinemann brought together teachers and students from Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Hawaii, Texas and New York.


    Highlights of the conference included:

    • attending a special presentation by the Ohana Theater Group  of Peace On Your Wings, an original musical inspired by the life of Sadako Sasaki, a 12-year old girl who died from leukemia resulting from exposure to radiation after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

    • participating in a discussion, led by Maya Soetoro-Ng, founder of Ceeds of Peace, on how to develop leadership skills, critical thinking, compassion and collaboration.

    • learning from Natania Kremer, Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement at Brooklyn Friends School, and students  about service learning and advocacy.

    • meeting members of Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, a grassroots organization whose mission is to encourage sensible growth and development and preservation, and visiting various sites that the organization had protected from development.

    • visiting Pearl Harbor and listening  to speaker Jimmy Lee who was a 9-year old eyewitness to the attack.

    • working on mixed-country teams, under the guidance of Namji Steinemann and Akiko Otani (Managing Director of R3ADY Asia-Pacific), to design effective strategies and solutions to community issues.

    • developing S’Well (Scarsdale Well), a proposal to increase student wellness at Scarsdale High School through specific initiatives, the results of which are to be shared at the P4Y-Vision 2030 in Hiroshima in the summer of 2017.