• Th 10/10
    Warmup:  “Who Am I”
    Classwork: “Simon Says”
    When I say the following, do the following (add three at a time)
    Director- Tip Hat
    Actor- “Alas Poor York, I knew him well” and hold up a skull
    Stage Manager- Point and cue 47
    Music Director- Piano and “Wee Oh Wee OH Wee”
    Lighting Designer- "Use the Red Gel" and hold up their hand to the light
    Costume Designer- Squat down like they’re measuring and say “That’s your color”
    Choreographer- snapping “5,6,7,8”
    F 10/11
    Warmup: What does a producer do? Focus on publicity
    Classwork:  Watch the commercial for several different Broadway musicals.
    Then, every group (4/4/3) is assigned a show and must create the following for the show: slogan, target audience, promotional poster, marketing idea (like handing out masks for phantom), commercial text, scenes to show, and songs to highlight, including rationale for each.
    Tu 10/15
    Classwork: Marketing campaign presentations.
    W 10/16
    Marketing Campaign Presentations
    Warmup: Discussion- Why is it important for the cast members to thank the directors (musical, creative, choreographer, stage manager) involved in a musical? Have you been involved in a production where you gave a thank you gift? Had a cast party? Why or why not? How might a cast T-Shirt be an integral part of the show?
    Classwork: In their groups, have them create a cast t shirt. Present to class.
    Classwork 2: The Budget. Come up with gifts for your show- Director, SMs, MD, TD if applicable. (Budget- how much will each cast member give? How will you collect it? What will the deadlines be? What will you do for a member that cannot afford to pay? When will you give the gift? Etc.) Plan the cast party. (Again, budget, when; where, it has to accommodate 70 people including the pit orchestra, directors, and ALL cast members)
    Th 10/18
    Warmup: “Walk This Way” Walk around the space. Pretend you’re wearing a ball gown. How would you act? Corset, Heels, Hippie clothes, army uniform, poodle skirt, leather jacket, etc. How do you interact differently? Walk? Talk? Debrief. Why do you think Halloween is such a popular holiday? What is your favorite outfit? How do you feel when you wear that outfit? How does what you’re wearing contribute to you feel (or does it?)? Have you ever been in an outfit that made you uncomfortable? How do costumes add to a show- explore how costumes affect the acting, the visuals, etc.
    Classwork: “Toilet Paper Costumes” Each group is given a character to find a costume for. For example, Annie, Tevya, Maria, Conrad Birdie, King Arthur, Guinevere, Maria (nun) from Sound of Music, etc. From any part of the play that they want, they must create a costume for this character from the pile they have in front of them.
    Homework: You are in charge of the chorus from Bye, Bye, Birdie. You must create a handout to give to the chorus telling them what to bring in to wear. You should try and help them find things from their wardrobe so they don’t necessarily have to buy anything. The artistic director wants the color scheme to be primary colors. The scenic designer is creating the sets to be a small town in the middle of a cornfield. Type up what you would send the cast.
    F 10/19 OR M 10/22
    Warmup: Students will watch a clip from Whose Line is it Anyway where the actors find different uses for props. How do the actors find different uses for the props? Could you think of any that they didn’t think of? How do props add to a scene?
    Classwork: “This is Not a Chair." In a circle, pass around a prop and each person acts with the prop to signify a different thing. (Chair, umbrella, hanger, and real props).
    Classwork 2: “How to Make a Prop Table.” After talking to the stage manager, they will go through the script and make a list of every prop needed and what scene they are needed for. They are also in charge of the prop table. Handout “How to make a prop table”. Students will then demonstrate on their own desks.
    Tu 10/23
    Warm Up:  Discussion: Why do we use light?
    Classwork: - “Sound Bingo” and “Monologue Scoring”
    W 10/24
    Warm Up:  “Pilobolus Charades”
    Classwork:: - “Set Dressing” and “Flats”
    F 10/26 OR M 10/29
    Warmup: "Walking the Grid" game. Learning stage directions.
    Classwork: Discussion of the role of stage managers (AKA- most important person in any production). Students will take down blocking while Ms. Malecki directs a scene with half the class. Then switch. Then demo of calling cues.
    Tu 10/30
    Warmup: Portraits game
    Classwork: Discuss the importance of makeup and its purpose. Then makeup demo- old age and bruises if time.
    Homework: Begin to brainstorm your Production Project (options: 3-D set design, 3 lighting designs for a show, 3 costumes for a show, sound underscoring a scene, or 5 pages of a script out of a stage manager's book). DUE Thursday, 11/1
    W 10/31
    Classwork: Work on Production Project 
    Th 11/1
    PRESENTATIONS of Production Projects