• Musical Café

    Musical Café is an opportunity for our students to play and sing for one another during their lunch period.  It gives our community a chance to celebrate its talents and interests! 


    2023-2024 Musical Café Details: 

    Each grade level will have one opportunity to sign up to perform for their classmates. 

    This is an opportunity for students to play a short piece of music (two if they are very short and beginner level) that they have been working on outside of school.  Any genre of music and any instrument (including singing and dance that can be done in a small space) is acceptable.  The only requirement is that students are well-prepared and the material is school-appropriate. 

    Students will come to rehearse with me during a lunch period the week of the performance to make sure they are comfortable and to help me determine the order of performers. 

    Students will have one opportunity to sign up and play/sing for their grade level.  We have space for 20 minutes of music in each lunch period, to allow for people to get in and settle down before they all begin to play.  Students will be chosen on a first come, first served basis. If there are more people who want to perform than there is space for, they will perform for their class in the next music period. 




    1st Grade:  

    2nd Grade: 

    3rd Grade: 

    4th Grade: 

    5th Grade: 

    Once the dates are determined, you will sign up using a Google Form that will be emailed to you and posted here. If you don’t yet know the exact piece you’d like to perform and its timing, I will reach out two weeks before the performance date to get confirmation of the specifics and then confirm who will be performing. 

    Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’m so looking forward to hearing everyone making beautiful music.