• General Overview

    5th Grade is an exciting year filled with several performances for the 5th Grade.  Here is a list of performances/traditions we prepare:

    • March Chorus Concert
    • Heritage Night (dances and songs exploring immigration)
    • May Chorus and Arts Festival Concert
    • Moving Up Ceremony

    While preparing students for these events, they continue to build on and demonstrate the skills they have been learning over the past five years.  In the second half of the year, fifth graders have the opportunity to check out a school ukulele to continue exploring and playing at home.  Additionally, fifth grade students work on several large-scope projects in music, including writing a protest song, and using film scoring techniques to orchestrate a silent film.  Other skills explored throughout the year include:

    • Playing instruments (xylophones, drums, ukuleles)
    • Composing
    • Improvising
    • Form
    • New Genres 
    • Moments in American history as explored in and through music
    • Dynamics
    • Tempo
    • Articulation
    • Reading and notating music