• In second grade, we will continue expanding upon and deepening our understanding of the major concepts explored in both Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

    • Loud/soft (dynamics)
    • Fast/slow (tempo)
    • High/low (pitch)
    • Short/long (rhythm)
    • Singing
    • Steady beat
    • Phrases (form)  

    In second grade, we continue moving from iconic notation to standard music notation, beginning with writing pitches on a staff and reading and writing rhythms, including durations of quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and rests.  While we still use our singing voices and bodies as our primary sources of musical exploration, 2nd graders use instruments more consistently and begin working on mallet technique on xylophones.  They also take time to compose and improvise small musical pieces.  The guiding principle for music literacy is “sound before sight:” students are asked to experience a music concept, understanding it both physically and aurally, before introducing terminology and reading/writing music.

    Of course, as is a Greenacres tradition, at the culmination of Second Grade is the Flag Day Concert!  Not only is it a big undertaking to prepare the all the songs in these students’ first major school concert, but also they have the opportunity to volunteer as public speakers and learn about musical concepts like balance within an ensemble and vocal diction.  This year, we are really excited to expand this tradition to a Flags Around the World concert.  It will incorporate a year of learning about musical traditions in many places around the world. It will culminate in a performance on June 14, 9:15 am.