• Birthdays
    On the day of a student's birthday, he or she may choose a favorite picture book to read aloud to the class during snack time. In addition, he or she will receive a homework pass for the evening of their birthday. If a student's birthday falls on a weekend or over a holiday, he or she may choose a day prior to or following their birthday to celebrate with the class and use the homework pass. Parents do not join the class for birthday celebrations. However, if a parent would like to lead the class in a presentation, craft or other meaningful activity on a topic of interest, that can certainly be scheduled for another day. E-mailing me would be the best way to arrange a date. 
    Math facts practice and independent readng are typically assigned each night, Monday through Thursday. Additional assignments may sometimes, but not always be given,  at teacher discretion.  If a student is struggling with an assignment, and minimal assistance from a parent is not alleviating the problem, the assignment should be stopped and the parent should send me a brief note indicating where the issue occurred. I will work with the student in class. If a student forgets to bring his or her homework to class three times, the parents will be notified so we can collaborate to develop a strategy that will result in more effective study habits.
    Trips and In-School Workshops
    The students will participate in several enriching presentations and workshops that are related to content area studies. Many of these activities occur during in-school visits from specialty groups that provide students with hands-on experiences in areas such as electricity, astronomy, and artifact analysis. For off-site field trips that require chaperones, class parents will send an e-mail to notify parents of the details, and to conduct a lottery to select the necessary amount of volunteers.