• Dear Popham 7,


            I’m looking forward to an exciting and challenging year in 7th grade social studies. Our curriculum covers American History through the Civil War and Reconstruction. As students of American History in a global and interdependent age, we will strive to make connections between our country’s rich history and the complex and changing world of the 21st century.


    P7 Social Studies


    Units of Study 

    • Introduction to History - Historical Thinking, Mystery of Roanoke

    • Global Connections: Student to World  - Overcoming Bias with Global Nomads Group
    • Road to Revolution:  Boston Massacre Simulation, Perspectives in History, Loyalist/Patriot Debates

    • Revolution

    • Constitution and Government

    • Slavery
    • Expansion - What does it mean to remove a people?

    • Civil War & Reconstruction



    As Marcus Garvey once said, “A man without history is like a man without roots.” I am looking forward to sharing our journey through American history with each of you and exploring this country’s roots. Best of luck in social studies and all of your subjects!




    Mrs. Lahey

    Popham 7 Social Studies