• Dear Popham 7,


            Welcome back!  It is hard to believe that another year is starting already. I hope you enjoyed your summer whether you went to camp, traveled abroad, or just stayed in Scarsdale and relaxed! I’m looking forward to an exciting and challenging year in 7th grade social studies. Our curriculum covers American History through the Civil War. As students of American History in a global and interdependent age, we will strive to make connections between our country’s rich history and the complex and changing world of the 21st century.

    Units of Study

    • Introduction to History & Growth Mindset

    • Election 2016

    • Colonization & Slavery

    • Human Rights

    • Revolution

    • Government

    • Presidential Powers

    • Civil War

    Research and writing are important elements of all social studies curricula.  Throughout the year, we will be working on both individual and group research projects as well as developing specific social studies writing skills.  In December, you will tackle local and global human rights issues and create informative public service announcements based on your research. In May, you will use your research and writing skills to contribute to a final, cross-house Civil War Museum exhibit in the Great Hall.


    Technology has changed the way we communicate and how we all learn. Throughout the year, I will be using different forms of technology to enhance both our communication and our curriculum. We will able to communicate through both email and texts this year. If you or your parents have any questions, you can email me at mlahey@scarsdaleschools.org.  The Popham 7 team, including myself, will also send out text messages using Remind. Remind is a safe way for teachers to send text messages to students and parents. We will also be using Google Docs and Google Sites for many of our long-term assignments including the Human Rights project and final portfolio. Finally, we are excited to get started with Google Classroom this year. Google Classroom enables students and teachers to engage in discussions, share ideas, view and complete assignments and receive important updates.             

    Homework in social studies will be given several a week and will be factored into your grade for each quarter. The homework assignments will review, or preview, what we have covered in class. You will use your textbook for many homework assignments and therefore you should keep your textbook at home. Homework assignments will be written on the board and posted on Google Classroom.  If you forgot to copy it in class, call a classmate!

    Finally, we will be working on a cumulative e-portfolio using Google Sites. A portfolio is a purposeful collection of a student’s work that shows his/her effort, achievement, and growth over the course of the school year.  You will select artifacts that best represent your mastery of specific social studies skills and reflect on your learning process.

    As Marcus Garvey once said, “A man without history is like a man without roots.” I am looking forward to sharing our journey through American history with each of you and exploring this country’s roots. Best of luck in social studies and all of your subjects!


    Mrs. Lahey

    Popham 7 Social Studies