Google Classroom

Google Classroom

  • We are using Google Classroom this year. You can see your child's Google Classroom by asking him/her to log in. There is NOT a separate parent log-in. We suggest that you look at Classroom with your child on a regular basis to promote communication about their interests as well as their strengths and stretches.


    Assignments and upcoming events will be posted as announcements on English 7's Google Classroom, not as assignments. Students will not be turning in work on Google Classroom at this point.


    This year, Google has added parent/guardian email summaries. You will receive an invitation to sign up for email updates. The email summaries will include missing work, upcoming work, announcements and quetions posted to the class. If you have any questions about what you see in the update, we ask that you

    1. Speak with your child first and look at his/her Google Classroom account.

    2. Call or email the teacher for further clarification and communication.