• District Procedures Regarding Segregated Facilities:

    The Scarsdale School District maintains the expectation that all students should be treated with respect, dignity and kindness.  Unfortunately, the conversations about transgender topics taking place in the news media and around the soccer field are often fraught with misleading information, one-dimensional stereotypes, and cultural taboos. However, most people find gender identity to be a much less intimidating topic once they spend some time understanding the basics (link to the American Psychological Association) and reviewing some of the resources provided here.  

    Below is an overview of how Scarsdale will be addressing student requests to use facilities that match their gender identity.

    The State Education Department has provided guidance to school districts related to the treatment of transgender students, setting a clear expectation that transgender students should have access to the gender-specific bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity.  Over the past year, more transgender students across the region have become comfortable with openly expressing their identities. Scarsdale is no different. Given our philosophy and the State’s guidance, the District will be honoring such requests by transgender students.

    When these requests are made, it is inevitable that students will have questions and may ask their teachers or parents for information. To that end, the District will continue to provide teachers and administrators with training on effective ways to talk with students about transgender topics. Furthermore, the District’s Student Services Office, along with school principals and psychologists, are available to discuss with parents how talk to children about transgender issues. Please feel free to contact any of us.  Please note that a student’s gender identity is confidential under State law, making it inappropriate to inform the wider community when an individual student has made a request to use facilities related to their gender identity.  

    As a District, we also realize that the topic of gender identity can make some people uncomfortable and that everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their school. Therefore the schools will be providing alternate facilities or private changing areas for any students who request them.