• Plant


        We are learning about plants. We are observing the entire life cycle of a plant, from seed to seed, over the course of 40 days. We are learning about plants' parts and functions, what plants need to grow, and how plants reproduce. Below are some links to find out more information on plants.

    Biology of Plants

    Enchanted Learning

    The Great Plant Escape

    New York Botanical Garden

    Kids Gardening


    Energy and Electricity

         Our class is learning about energy and electricity. We are figuring out how to light a light bulb with just a battery, a wire, and a bulb. We are learning about and constructing different kinds of circuits. We are also investigating different sources of the energy, and the impact of those sources on ourselves and our world.
         Below are some links to websites where you can explore energy and electricity further.


         This is a great interactive website with videos, activities, and lots of information presented in a fun format.


         Energizer's website has information on how batteries work, the history of batteries, and how batteries are used in some tools. It also has a few battery projects you can try.


         Here is a complete guide to electrical circuits. It is really fun to play on and has interactive quizzes and tutorials.


         This is the Energy Information Administration's kids page. It has lots of energy facts, games, jokes, energy history, and activities.


         This is the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy site. You can select from several different types of renewable energy to learn about them.