Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
    The Interdependence Institute encourages student participation in clubs and extracurricular activities that increase global awareness. We foster and support global initiatives before, during, and after school.  
    The Middle School's World Culture Club explores different types of food, dance, music, styles, and art. Students examine different traditions and customs from all over the globe.  This past fall, they celebrated the Huichol Indians from the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico by creating "Ojos de Dios", a symbol of the power of seeing and understanding the unseen.  Each point represents earth, air, water and fire.  They also discussed Italian Heritage and the students made Bruschetta.  Bruschetta is a starter dish from Italy consisting of grilled bread, rubbed with garlic, topped with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper.  During the winter, they talked about Norwegian culture while sipping hot chocolate and enjoyed baking Kringla cookies. To start the spring season, they made Irish Lace cookies, reviewed the history of St. Patrick’s Day, and highlighted Irish Culture. They plan to learn about France and Greece later this school year.  
    A new club called Students for Africa started in 2015, at the Middle School. 
    Students for Africa