• Tu 9/18 OR 
    Warm-up: Posture Crash Course
    Classwork: Interview each other so that you may introduce one another in a 2 minute (1-1:30) speech at your 25th reunion for Scarsdale High School. Work on posture.
    Homework: Write your speech (no need to memorize!) and prep it using the basics of public speaking, just to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Think about posture, vocal variety/volume/enunciation, fluidity, facial expressions, and body language. No need to be perfect. I want to see your skills and your effort!
     Th 9/20 OR
    Warm-up: Tongue twisters, stretching. Review posture.
    Classwork: 25th reunion introductions! Work on facial expressions.
    Homework: Perfect your posture.
    F 9/21 OR
    Warm-up 1: Tongue twisters, stretching. Review posture.
    Classwork: Finish 25th reunion introductions.
    Tu 9/25 OR
    Warm-up: Face buzz. Review facial expressions.
    Classwork: Prepare for Entertainment Today!
    Homework: Find 2 minutes (30-1:30) worth of news  and (30-1:30) worth of fun to share next time, utilizing perfect posture and facial expressions in particular, but also exploring other areas. Be sure to include 2 different news articles on the same topic. No articles needed for the fun presentation.
     W 9/26 OR
    Warm-up: Lion face/lemon face, cows chewing, tongue touches. Review posture.
    Classwork: Breaking News Presentations. Choose partners.
    Homework: Each trio is responsible for local, national and international news stories (1 of each) and 3 fun segments, such as movie, theater, or restaurant reviews, cooking, sports, entertainment, children’s corner, or weather. Each person is responsible for two 1-minute presentations (0:30- 1:30), one of which is news and one of which is fun. Please bring in a news article for each of the stories you’ll be doing. Work out with your group who’s doing what category.
    Th 9/27 OR
    Warm-up: Ms. Malecki’s sample transitions. Zip Zap Zop for working together. Lion face/lemon face. Stretching.
    Classwork: Perfect your presentations with your teammates, including clever transitions.
    Homework: TV News Team presentations due next class.
    F 9/28 OR
    Warm-up: Zip Zap Zop. Review posture, facial expressions. Vocal roller coaster. Ms. Malecki models how to use face/voice/posture to create a character. Share joke samples
    Classwork: TV News Team presentations.
    Homework: Bring in a joke or two by your favorite comedian. The more characters there are, the more challenging the assignment will be, so think about going easy on yourself.
    Tu 10/2
    Warm-up: Review posture, facial expressions, vocal roller coaster. Shake down.
    Classwork: Comedy Hour!
    Homework: Journal 2 due Thursday.