• Ms. Malecki’s Democratic Dictatorship
    Memorize the laws of my land. Follow them. I expect only the best from you. These policies and guidelines will help us on our way. Once we establish all the rules and regulations, we can really have some fun! This class is first and foremost for you to become comfortable speaking in front of an audience, whether that’s for the purpose of interviewing for a college or a career, to debate in a tournament or for your life, to act in the classroom or on Broadway. After that, we will delve into ensemble building, acting techniques, drama and of course, comedy! I want you to enjoy this class and I want you to become a more confident, poised, and well-spoken individual by the time January rolls around!
    Grading: This class will have three components for your grade:
    Journals: 20 %
    Presentations: 40 %
    Participation: 40 %
    Participation: I expect that you will be present in every class, both physically and mentally. Because this is an acting class, I may ask you to step outside your comfort zone to try new exercises and techniques that will make you a better actor and ensemble member; I expect you to try! When your peers are presenting their own materials to the class, you are to make eye contact and listen to their every word. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! And if that’s not enough motivation, it’s for 40% of your grade!
    Presentations: The presentation will be graded either by me or by your peers. You will be graded according to different rubrics. However, the basic guidelines are volume, clarity, engagement with audience, facial expression, body language, preparedness, and content, each of these pending applicability.
    Journals: Reflection gives us the opportunity to look at what we did well, what we could improve, what we enjoyed and disliked, allowing us to get to know ourselves, which is crucial to the acting process. Additionally, the journals allow me as a teacher to improve my content and methods so as to improve the class in future. Please take these 1-2 pages to really open up and share your thoughts! Please note that I will accept late work but the penalty is 5% off for every day your assignment is late, with a maximum penalty of 30%. Promptness is important. However, better late than never!
    My Classroom:
    Attendance Policy: If you are absent on a day you are scheduled to present, if it is excused, you are to present upon return. If the absence is unexcused, you receive a zero for the presentation.
    Bathroom Policy: Leaving the room is permitted only in the case of a dire and physical need and with my permission.
    Guidelines for Behavior:
    1. Be prompt. If you are late, you must have a late slip.
    2. We will work according to a code of honesty. Do your best honestly.
    3. Hand in only your best work. Blue or black ink only. Neatness counts! Spending a few moments to organize your thoughts pay off tenfold in the end!
    1. Respect yourself.
    2. Respect your peers and your teacher.
    3. Respect the space.
    4. Communicate.
    5. Stay sane!
    I look forward to a great semester of introducing you to my favorite art form :)