Reading Workshop!

  • Reading Workshop is a reading program from Teacher's College developed by Lucy Calkins.  This program enables students to choose books that interest them, that are on their just right reading level.  Scholars will be formally leveled three times throughout the school year, and informally leveled bi-weekly.  This will ensure that they are growing as readers.  We will then do critical thinking work as we analyze a variety of different literary devices.  We will also be digging deep into texts to define the author's true intent with a focus on craft and structure.  This critical lense allows your fifth graders to simultaneously develop an eye for writing styles that they wish to use in their own pieces.  The intention of the Reading Workshop model is to ensure that readers are not simply decoding and skimming, but truly analyzing as they read.  They will develop executive functioning skills in order to manage reading to decode and reading for meaning.  Click the link below for more information! http://