• Designing Experiments: Controlling Variables

    The purpose of this unit is to develop in students the inquiry skills that are essential for scientific investigation and for every day decision-making. Students behave as scientists, using the scientific method to conduct experiments. They are encouraged to ask questions as they conduct their own guided research to find the answers. Fifth graders understand the concept of controlled and manipulated variables and identify these variables in their investigations.

    Models and Designs

    The investigations in this unit provide experiences that develop the concept of a scientific model and engage students in design and construction. Through hands-on investigations students will design and construct conceptual and physical models. They will acquire vocabulary associated with engineering and technology as well as gain confidence in their abilities to solve problems.

    Mixtures and Solutions

    Chemistry is the study of the structure of matter and the changes or transformations that take place in it. Learning about the makeup of substances gives us knowledge about how things go together and how they can be taken apart. In this hands-on unit students will gain experience with the concepts of mixture, solution, concentration, saturation, and chemical reaction. They will use group problem-solving techniques to plan and conduct investigations and acquire vocabulary associated with chemistry and the periodic table.