• Constitution and US Government

    This unit begins with a review of the Revolutionary War and concentrates on the creation of a new government. Students are introduced to different forms of government and learn how our Founding Fathers shaped our government. We study the Three Branches of Government and visit the Westchester County Board of Legislators to participate in a Mock Legislator Session to learn first hand how decisions are made. During this unit, the children will complete a research project and produce a Public Service Announcement detailing certain freedoms that The Constitution gives all Americans.


    This unit is one of intense writing, role-playing and technology integration. The focus is on the factors behind various ethnic groups’ mass immigration into the United States, Ellis Island, and the effect of immigration on the United States. Each child will adopt the persona of an immigrant and experience the Turn of the Century through that person’s eyes by recording events in a detailed diary. We hope to make iMovies in full immigrant regalia, telling the story of that person’s immigrant experience.