• Vocabulary

    • In 5th grade, we believe that enriching the vocabulary in our classroom promotes stronger reading and writing habits.  We use Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop which is available to students online for at home reinforcement. Students will learn a new unit of vocabulary words each week and will be quizzed on the words every Friday.  It is then expected that the words previously mastered become a part of our students every day vocabulary. 


      Here is a site where you can practice your vocabulary words: 



    • A major aspect of reading and writing with eloquence involves a thorough understanding of the different parts of speech.  Throughout the course of 5th grade we expect our students to craft complex and sophisticated sentences in both their writing and their speaking. Our grammar curriculum works in conjunction with our use of the Sadlier Vocabulary Curriculum. 


    Word Study

    • In 5th grade using derivational relations to breakdown unfamiliar words creates opportunities for students to better understand more challenging texts. Through the understanding of derivational relations students will be able to read and write at a higher rate. 

Vocabulary Units!