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    Reverse Engineering Project



    What is Introduction to Engineering all about?


    Take a moment to look around where you are currently sitting. What are you sitting on? What objects are surrounding you? Is their a ceiling above you? Unless you are surrounded by nature, there is a good chance that an engineer was involved in the design or production of all the objects around you.


     engineering objects


    With engineers being the practical driving force behind current innovations, who are engineers? What do engineers do? What different types of engineering are there?

    engineering mural 

    In Introduction to Engineering we explore these questions through hands-on activities and projects. Driven by curiosity, students apply their knowledge of science, art, and mathematics to get a taste of what engineering is all about.




    What Skills and Knowledge Will I Gain By Taking This Course?


    General Engineering

    • Reverse Engineering- How do everyday products work?
    • Product Afterlife- What happens when we “throw things away”?
    • Digital Fabrication- 3-D Modeling and Printing


    Electrical Engineering

    • Intro to Arduinos- Applied Circuitry and Programming


    Mechanical Engineering

    • Mechanisms- How do things move?




    Class Documents


    Introduction to Engineering Syllabus