Mystery Reader Program
    Please fill out the following survey if you are interested in becoming a mystery reader. You will be invited into the classroom to read a book to the children. I will put up clues from the attached survey at the beginning of the week, and the children will try to guess who it is. I am looking for volunteers who want to talk about their family customs, traditions, special holiday celebrations, occupations, etc. Your book will need to focus on the special topic you will talk about or about your job or a favorite book from your childhood. We will begin the program mid-October. One of the room-parents will be in charge of organizing the dates and times. Please send in your survey after you have completed it. This is a great way to participate in our kindergarten classroom. In the past I have had the mayor of Scardale, the owner of Amore Pizza and Last Licks, etc. I hope every family will participate and become one of our mystery readers. (Only one person per family please.)  Shh...it is a secret so please don't tell your children about it.