• Chinese Brushstroke Painting

    Six grade students learned about the history and techniques of Chinese Brushstroke Painting.
    First, they selected a landscape picture of choice and next incorporated elements from it and
    placed them into a Chinese vertical landscape format using three picture planes. 

    Background representing-Heaven

    Middle Ground representing-Emptiness

    Foreground representing-Earth

    They learned about many different Chinese Brushstrokes and how to use a Chinese Bamboo brush.
    These painting show a variety of strokes, ink washes and textures. They completed their paintings by
    creating a “Chop Mark” out of linoleum and printed it on their landscape using red ink. A “Chop Mark”
    signifies the artists signature or ownership of a Chinese painting.

    chinese 2  
    Chinese 3  
    Chinese 4  
    Chinese 5  
    Chinese 6  
    Chinese 7  
    Chinese 8  
    Chinese 9  
    Chinese 10  
    Box 1  
    Box 2