• School is officially in session from 8:35am-3:10pm. Doors do not open before 8:20am. Unless students have an appointment with a specific teacher they are not permitted in the building before this time.

    • To ensure student safety Front Circle drop off should only be used if your child can exit the passenger side exit of a car alone. 

    • If your child requires assistance exiting your car (if driver must get out), you must legally park in the front designated lot and walk your child up or let your child walk up alone; or drive to the Back Circle entrance where you may exit your car to assist your child. Please do not leave your car unattended in the circle to escort your child into the building. 

    • If using the Front Circle drop off, please pull up your car as far as possible in the right drop off lane before your child exits the car. This will allow for more cars to be able to drop off simultaneously. Children do not need to be dropped off in front of the Main Office door. The Auditorium and Rear Circle entrances may also be used. Students will then walk to their grade level gathering locations.

    •  Only use the outer traffic lane in the Front Circle to slowly pass and exit the circle.

    •  NEVER open the driver's side door or allow children to exit on the driver's side of the vehicle into thru-traffic. This is extremely dangerous as you or your child may get run over.

    A Teacher Aide is stationed at each entry door area to ensure a safe smooth entry.

    Only persons with legal permits may park in handicap parking spots.

    New York State Traffic Laws apply to everyone, even Scarsdale residents.

    Please review these arrival rules with everyone in your family who may be dropping off your children in the morning.



    Students are dismissed at 3:10.

    CAR FAMILY NAME SIGNS should be displayed in all cars picking up children (in the front and in the back circles).  These signs ensure a smoother and quicker dismissal, especially during inclement weather when drivers' faces are not discernible and when new staff are assisting with dismissal. (Please note: these will go home in your oldest child's backpack during the first few weeks of school)

    FRONT CIRCLE CAR PICK UP - Only for students in grades 3-5 who can enter the car by themselves. Please pull up as far as possible in the right lane before your child enters the car. This will allow more cars to be able to pick up simultaneously. 

    For students K-2, you must legally park and walk to school door to meet and pickup your child. Only persons with legal permits may park in handicap parking spots.

    BACK CIRCLE CAR PICK UP - For students in grades K-2 (and their older siblings). Cars should not be on the premises before 3PM, as this creates a hazard should there be the need for an emergency evacuation.

    Dismissal/ After-School Plans School Dismissal Manager is an online program that enables parents to update their child's attendance and dismissal plans using their computer, smartphones, and tablets. All dismissal plans and changes will be accepted through the School Dismissal Manager only.

    Through the on-line dismissal management system, you can:
    • report student absences
    • schedule early departures from school
    • update after-school plans 
    • make transportation changes
    Although dismissal changes can be made as late as 1:30 PM on the effective date of the change, please try to have pickup and after-school arrangements in place before the day begins and alert your children to any changes.  
    To access the dismissal program, refer to the email sent to you directly from School Dismissal Manager using your contact information listed in Infinite Campus Parent Portal. This email contains important instructions and your login credentials.  Please use them to log into the system and set up dismissal plans for your child.

    Early pickup is discouraged as this disrupts instruction. Please make every effort to schedule appointments for your children outside of normal school hours. 

    Please review these rules with everyone in your family who assists with student pick-up.


    Thank you, 

    The Heathcote Safety Team