• If you would like me to write you a letter of recommendation for college, please speak to me IN PERSON. Once I have agreed, answer the following questions in a google doc entitled "Rec Questions (Your Name)" and share it with me. The more detail you include, the better I will be able to write a thorough and unique recommendation letter that speaks highly of you as a student.
    1.  Why did you choose me to write this letter for you? What insights do you think I can offer about you as a student based on your experience in my class?

    2.  What were your favorite lessons, classes, or assignments from this year and why? 

    3.  In what ways did you grow as a student in my class? Talk about assignments or tasks that you found challenging (either conceptually or skill-wise) and what you learned in the process. You could also talk about overall growth as the year progressed. 
    4.  Tell me one or two ways my class has influenced the way you think about the history of our country or history in general (as in, the study of the past).  

    5.  What is something about you that might surprise me or that I might not know? (Not related to history class) 

    6.  Is there anything you would like me to mention or emphasize about you as a student in my letter of recommendation?