• 7th grade Tennis Review sheet


    0 Points - LOVE

    1 Point -  15

    2 Points - 30

    3 Points - 40

    4 Points - Game


    Deuce - When each player has 40 

    ALL- when players have the same amount of points (Ex. 15-15, 30-30) 

    Let: When the ball hits the net, and goes into the correct service court

    Advantage in ----A term to indicate the the server has the advantage.

    Advantage out -- A term to indicate the the receiver has the advantage.

    Sweet spot      -- The ideal striking area, around the middle of the racket face.

    Tennis Court 

    Baseline - The last (back) line on the court

    Service Court - Right and Left sides

    Service Line   - The line which divides the right and left service courts.  Sometimes referred to as the T-Line

    Doubles Sideline

    Singles Sideline

    Alley -  The area between the doubles sideline and the singles sideline

    Center Mark - The line on the baseline where the server must stay to one side of when serving cross court


    The US Open Tennis tournament is played in the Arthur Ashe stadium in Flushing Queens, NY

    A player wins a set when that player is the first to win _______ games and is ahead by at least _______ games. 

    True or False:  When the score is 40 - 40, the next player to win the point wins the game?  

    True or False:  If the score is 6 - 5, one player has won 6 games and the set is over?  

    The 4 major tournaments that make up the Grand Slam are the US Open, the Australian Open, the French Open & Wimbledon