• Allergic Conditions
    If your child has any sort of allergy (to foods, pollen, drugs, etc.), please complete the Allergy Action Plan. (food guidelines below).  If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, reactive airway disease, or uses an inhaler, please complete the Asthmatic Reaction Procedure
    If the allergy requires the use of an Epinephrine auto-injector (Epi-pen, Auvi Q) use the Allergy Action Plan. On occasion, both might be applicable. The doctor must order necessary medication on these forms, or use a separate medication administration form. Permission can be given for a student to carry their Epinephrine auto-injector or inhaler on their person.  Because students move throughout the building and are not in one contained classroom, the best practice is to have students carry their Epipens...girls may want to in their pocketbooks, pencil cases, or backpacks, boys in their pencil cases, backpacks, or custom holsters.  They can bring them in their lunch bags and also store one in their lockers.  The health office also can store one as needed.
    Doctors' orders must be on file in the health office in order for students to fully participate in all school and afterschool activities.
    Students have PE lockers as well, and inhalers can be kept there if a student is independent in the administration and has sports/exercise-induced asthma. 
    Please be aware that students MUST carry their Epinephrine and inhalers on their person for ALL field trips/overnight activities. Teachers can assist students in the administration as needed. 
    SMS Food Guidelines


    • All products sold from the lunch counter are nut-free
    • The daily menu can be found online-click SMS>parent>cafeteria
    • In addition to the “hot” entrée, typical offerings include salads, made to order sandwiches, yogurt, hummus/pretzels, fruit and ice cream
    Vending machines show a list of ingredients for all items.

    Students ARE permitted to bring nut-containing foods to school.

    Nut-free tables can be made available, but most students prefer to sit with their friends and know that they must read ingredient labels,  not share foods, wash their hands, etc. Tables are washed down by cafeteria staff between lunch periods.

    All food must be eaten in the cafeteria, there is no food in classrooms—any special foreign language food events take place in the cafeteria.

    No baked goods from home are permitted unless served in the cafeteria.

    Special Events organized by the PTA and/or SO (student government):
    • Pizza day (local pizzeria)
    • International lunch-nut free, ingredients listed

    We strongly recommend bringing your own lunch the first couple of weeks of school until you become comfortable navigating the cafeteria.  If you have any questions, feel free to come to the nurse or speak to one of the adults supervising lunch in the cafeteria.