• About Our School

    Scarsdale Middle School endeavors to embody the ideals of middle-level education in an exemplary fashion. Our philosophy and structure focus on the developmental needs of early adolescents. We seek to foster a highly challenging intellectual environment that is also very nurturing and supportive and within which students can experience a level of academic and personal success. Our goal is to have students begin to develop sound habits of mind and a life-long love of learning.

    Our school of 1,120 students is divided into four Houses with sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade teams of students and teachers in each House. A unique feature of our House system is that each House is run by a House Counselor who meets weekly with each team. Over three years, the House Counselors form close relationships with students and parents in their Houses. Likewise, students form a strong affiliation with their House and with their teams of teachers. At the same time, they also have opportunities to develop and maintain relationships with students in other Houses.

    Another unique feature of the Middle School is our alternative program for seventh and eighth graders called CHOICE. Approximately forty students, along with three teachers, spend two years together in a small community environment. The program includes electives, overnight team building, and curriculum activities. There is a strong emphasis on technology in the program.

    The Middle School endeavors to provide students with a rich experience both in and beyond the classroom. Through numerous activities with a focus on community service, our Student Organization helps to sustain a strong school spirit. We offer a variety of after-school activities, including a modified sports program, which gives each student an opportunity to participate.

    Our school aspires to be vibrant and dynamic, alive with the excitement and energy of this age group and the spirit of shared intellectual and personal growth. We are part of a community which has high academic expectations for students. At the same time, we offer students a full range of support services as they navigate the twists and turns of early adolescence. We take pride in our school and the sense of community and empathy it fosters. The school has a long-standing commitment to human rights and devotes an entire day each January to local, national, and international human rights issues. We take seriously our commitment to developing the next generation of leaders, on both a local as well as national level.

    Please contact us about any aspects of our program that may interest you.