• SHS College and Career Center - CCC (2021-22)
    Due to the recent change in district policy, physical access to the CCC office is unavailable to parents/students during school hours. But students can still visit the Counseling Department or their Dean to access many of the CCC resources during school hours.
    **However, we are excited to announce that we are currently preparing to open the CCC for in-person visits for parents and Students by priority and appointment only. (Priority will be as follows: senior parents/students first and then junior parents/students, etc.) The planned hours tentatively starting late September/early October will be after school from 3:30-5:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our new office is located on the 1st floor between the Auditorium and the Band Room. Please use the Brewster Road entrance when you come in for your appointment. You will need to wear a mask. Details to sign up for these after school appointments will be available soon. Please check back**
    Also, many of the resources and services are available in digital and virtual formats. If you need information from the office or have questions, please email the CCC chairs: Isabel Finegold and Sharon Higgins, at ccc.chairs@gmail.com.

    THE CCC IS ...
    • AN INFORMATION RESOURCE where you can find college guides and reference books, gap-year programs, information on college tours, audio-visual resources, scholarship offers, a computer-based college information system, and a comprehensive resource for summer programs.

    • A LEARNING CENTER where groups of students meet with college representatives to discuss college options, where parents and students research colleges and investigate the many opportunities available, where trained volunteers are enthusiastic to assist in each phase of the process. This year, college representatives will still be meeting with students in-person and virtually during school hours. (Please see the schedule link below).

    • AN ATTENTIVE STAFF of trained volunteers who coordinate the activities of the Center. Scarsdale HS deans provide guidance and support for students and the volunteer staff. Please check back soon to sign up for after-school appointments. If you have additional questions (i.e., Naviance or SHS Alumni Contacts) or need assistance please contact the CCC chairs at ccc.chairs@gmail.com.

    Naviance logo

    • Computerized College Search through Naviance SHS students receive their own accounts during their junior year. A parent guest password is available upon request.* For details or questions on how to use or access Naviance, please contact the CCC chairs (ccc.chairs@gmail.com).

    • College Representative Virtual and In-Person Visits to SHS Campus Fall 2021: More than 200 college representatives will be visiting in-person and virtually at SHS this fall. The Fall 2021 College Visit Schedule will be updated periodically, so check back frequently. This list is also maintained in the Naviance system. Your student should be sure to RSVP to the college rep visits they plan to attend. These visits are for SENIOR STUDENTS ONLY; parents should not be logging on.
    SHS Alumni



    • Scarsdale High School Alumni Contacts: The CCC surveys graduating seniors each spring and collects contact information from those who are willing to provide personal experience information about the colleges they are attending. This helpful 2018-2021 SHS alumni contact list can be viewed in book form as well as in a digital file. The list can be viewed either from an in-person appointment (After School Appointments) or contact the CCC chairs (ccc.chairs@gmail.com) for digital access.