• 6th Grade Stunts Review Sheet
    Many of the activities done in the stunting unit help with eye hand coordination.
    The activities we have are juggling, spinning plates, diabolos, devil sticks, cargo net, climbing wall, pedalos, stilts, pogo sticks, balance boards, and the duel.
    To start a spinning plate it is important to keep your arm up and move the stick in a circular motion as if you were stirring chocolate mile.
    In order to move the diabolo successfully you must move your dominant hand like you were hitting a drum and keep the sticks even.
    On the cargo net it is important to stay within the red tape to ensure you do not get to close to the edge. 
    When climbing the wall you may only traverse the wall (Move from one side to the other) while keeping your body within the yellow bricks. You may not climb up the wall.
    The stilts are a balance activity using your legs and arms.
    When on the Duel with your partner you may never let go of the rope and when you feel like you are falling you must step off.
     In order to juggle you must start with 2 objects in your dominant hand and 1 in your non dominant hand. You want to keep the objects under control while throwing them as well.
    When learning how to use the pedalo or go go cycle you should always start with a spotter for safety.
    The balance board activities must always be done on the mat for safety.