• The activities in the tumbling unit come from seven different categories. The categories are Tumbling, Body Awareness, Balancing, Jumps, Moving Jumps, Locomotor, and Exercise.
    Tumbling activities are: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Handstand, Tripod, Headstand, Cart Wheel, Round Off, H-Stand Snap, Forward Shoulder Roll, Backward Shoulder Roll
    Balancing activities are: Table Top, Stand Scale, Knee Scale, Candle Stick, V-Sit, Bridge, Hurdle Walk, Pyramid, Toe to Toe, Heel to Heel, Heel to Heel with leg
    Body Awareness activities are: Body Wave, Full Turn, 1/2 Turn, Hip Circle, Jump to Feet, Sit Turns, Egg Rolls, Log Rolls, Indian Log, Weeble Wobble, Rocking Horse, Back to Back, Thread the Needle, Split
    Jumping activities are: Tuck, Straddle, Pike, Cat Leaps, Splits, Scissor
    Moving Jumps activities are: Side to Side, Front to Back, Scissor, Twist, Can Can
    Locomotor activities are: Run, Hop, Skip, Jumps, Gallop, Grapevine, Slides, Leaps, Turns
    Exercise Moves are: Jumping Jacks, Lunges, Push ups, Sit ups, Straddle, Toe Touches
    When completing any of these skills safety is most important. All of the rolling activities should be done with your chin tucked to your chest.
    All of these activities are also lead-up activities like the cart wheel to the round off and many of the skills can be seen on equipment like the hip circle on the Pommel Horse.